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Compact and easy to install, Delco's elevator governor product line includes:

  • Standard overspeed governor
  • Self resetting governor
  • Tension device

Standard overspeed elevator governor

Available for 100 FPM - 500 FPM speeds, all models come with rope retainer, full guard and base and CSA approved limit switch.

Self resetting elevator governor

Available for 100 FPM - 500 FPM, all models come with full guard and CSA approved limit switch. This self resetting elevator governor features a remote trip and self-resetting function. 

Code Compliant, DOSH Compliant and CSA approved switch

  • Delco elevator governors are code compliant and come with full guard and a CSA approved limit switch. 
  • The Delco standard overspeed governor is also DOSH compliant, which means it's approved for use in the state of California.

Live Shaft 

Optionally, a live shaft for encoder is available for both elevator governor models.

Elevator Tension Device

The Delco elevator tension device (sometimes referred to as lift tension, tension sheave, tail sheave or idler sheave) is for use with either Delco governor. 


Select a standard overspeed elevator governor where there is ample access in the machine room and select a self resetting overspeed elevator governor for MRL, basement traction or limited access installations.

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Downloadable and printable elevator governor product line brochure

Delco Governors Product Line (PDF)

3 products
  • Tension Device
    Tension Device
  • Standard Overspeed Governor
    Standard Overspeed Governor
  • Self Resetting Overspeed Governor
    Self Resetting Overspeed Governor